Bonus Policy


  1. This Agreement sets out the basis on which the Company agrees to provide to you a Bonus for trading with the Company and is meant to assist you in making an informed decision about the Company’s bonus scheme. This Agreement governs the relationship between you and the Company and by accepting this Agreement you enter into a binding legal agreement with the Signing the Agreement is not required and the Agreement has the same judicial power and rights as a regularly signed instrument. You acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted this Agreement and any and all annexes hereto, as well as any and all documents, notices and terms and conditions referred to in this Agreement, which form an integral part thereof and are incorporated herein by reference. You confirm such acknowledgement and acceptance, among other things, by having submitted the Application Form and/or receiving the Bonus. This Agreement shall be effective for an indefinite period until its termination pursuant to the terms and provisions set out herein. This Agreement (and any amendments hereto) supersedes any previous agreement or arrangement between you and the Company, whether express or implied, on the same subject matter.
  2. This Agreement as well as the General Terms and Conditions and any additional terms and conditions that govern the between us relationship (hereinafter the “T&C”) are subject to review from time to time and you hereby agree to be bound by the T&C and any amendments made to them from time to time. It is your responsibility to check CRYPTOiAM website for any amendments. If you have any difficulty in accessing the terms and conditions please contact us on to arrange a copy to be forwarded to
  3. Trading and/or placing orders with us will amount to acceptance of CRYPTOiAM T&C.
  4. The Bonus granted to you by CRYPTOiAM will be governed by the T&C. For your own benefit and protection, you should read these terms carefully. If you do not understand any point please ask for further

5.  What is a Bonus?


  • A trading bonus is designed to add value and provides additional funds to trade with.
  • A bonus is real money that CRYPTOiAM credits to your trading account to provide you with additional leverage and At CRYPTOiAM we understand that a bonus is not always appropriate for all clients, please familiarize yourself with why bonuses are provided and the terms of conditions you have agreed to, before accepting a bonus.
  • We recommend that all traders, especially those new to FX/CFD trading follow a predetermined money management strategy. This means that the amount of money you place on an individual trade should be no more than five percent of your current total trading account

6.  A Bonus is to Trade With



  • A bonus is provided so that clients can increase the amount placed per trade, while still maintaining their money management strategy. For further information regarding money management make sure you speak to an agent or member of
  • A bonus is money that we give you TO TRADE WITH and should only be used for trading. This is why, to ensure that the bonus can only be used to trade, it is accepted practice within the industry to apply a trading turnover requirement to any bonus. Once the trading turnover requirement has been met any trading profits will be released and may be
  • The Bonus will under no circumstances or at any time become withdrawable. All Bonus money belong to the

7.  Bonus Granting



  • Bonus granting is at the sole discretion of the
  • The Client must request the Bonus in order for one to be
  • While bonuses can be advantageous and profitable, you are never required to accept It can be tempting to take higher risks when you trade with the bonus funds, meaning that you stand to both make and lose more money. We encourage you to trade responsibly to avoid loses, and remind you that once a bonus is received a trading turnover must be reached before any withdrawals are made.
  • By accepting the Bonus and/or trading with it will amount to an acceptance on your behalf of the T&C.
  • CRYPTOiAM reserves the right to cancel a bonus at any time if the client is abusing the bonus
  • In addition, on investigation if the client is found to be abusing the bonus offer their account will be closed CRYPTOiAM reserves the right to revoke a client’s bonus at any time without prior notice.

8.  Trading Turnover



  • In order to ensure the bonus is used as leverage as intended, a trading turnover must be met and is equal to a factor of the
  • The total volume of your trades must exceed the turnover amount before any amount on your account becomes available for
  • Trading turnover requirement will apply to all trades made moving forward from time bonus is applied to clients trading account
  • Any trades made before bonus is applied will not count toward trading turnover
  • When trading your own funds will be used first and then any Bonus funds.
  • The trading turnover is calculated by the trade The turnover that must be reached is 50 times the bonus. For example, if $100 are granted by way of Bonus a client must trade until he reaches a turnover of

$5,000.   This   means   he   must   trade   that   $100  fifty  (50)                                                                                     times (100×50=5000) in order to reach the turnover.

  • Before withdrawing any funds, the turnover requirement must be reached.
  • Any Client who requests a withdrawal and has not met the trading turnover requirement will have their withdrawal request cancelled immediately.

9.  Limitation of liability


  • CRYPTOiAM shall not be liable for any of the following (whether direct or indirect):
  • loss of profit;
  • loss of data;
  • loss of use;
  • loss of opportunity;
  • loss of savings, discount or rebate (whether actual or anticipated);
  • harm to reputation or loss of

10. Governing Law

This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, it, its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and under the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts.

11.  Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the whole agreement between the parties relating to its subject matter and supersedes any prior agreements, representations or understandings between them unless expressly incorporated by reference in this Agreement. Each party acknowledges that it has not relied on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any representation (whether innocent or negligent) made but not expressly embodied in this Agreement. Nothing in this clause limits or excludes any liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

12. Miscellaneous



  • No waiver of any term of this Agreement shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and any failure to assert any right or provision under the Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such
  • This Agreement and any rights granted hereunder, may not be transferred or assigned by you, but may be assigned by CRYPTOiAM to any third party without any
  • You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, franchise or agency relationship exists between you and CRYPTOiAM and as a result of the Bonus granting and/or use of the Site and

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