FinexArena was founded in 2017 with a simple mission: to demystify the decentralized web.

We are a site dedicated to helping people understand this brave new world: Whether it’s trust-less networks, privacy coins or oracles, we strive to produce original coverage of the biggest stories, insightful profiles on the industry’s movers and shakers as well as engaging educational content to connect the dots.

Our aim is to highlight to our readers what really matters, whilst providing a toolkit to understand the fundamentals. We are a map for the doers of Web3, to help navigate the space and uncover the expertise and resources they need to shape the industry for themselves.

1.Simplify, simplify, simplify.

The technology underpinning Web3 and the decentralized internet gets harder to understand every day. Our mission, first and foremost, is to fight against making things needlessly complicated. We want to make this world easy to understand.

2.Focus on storytelling.

We only tell stories that are important to our readers. Those stories need to engage our readers, have a compelling narrative, increase their understanding of the decentralized web and above all, help them make better decisions.

3.Tell the truth.

As we follow the story of what’s driving the evolution of the decentralized web, we intend to be skeptical and clear eyed. We know full well that even the best-intentioned technologies can be misused. We want to celebrate the things that are working, while sounding the alarm about scams, frauds and bad technology.

4.Use Web3 to cover Web3.

We practice what we preach and intend to use Web3 technologies as part of our daily work. Whether that’s using dapps, building decentralized functionality into our site, or using new networks to help tell our stories, to best cover this technology we believe it needs to be a part of our DNA.

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