Editorial Policy

FinexArena adheres to the strictest journalistic policies, we have a commitment to providing fair and unbiased reporting in all of our news coverage. Our journalists are required to fact-check each article before it is published and provide sources for quotes and statistics. Each article is checked by an editor before publication.

Timely reporting: The Blockchain world moves fast so we understand the need to provide quick access to the latest news. Our editorial and writing team are spread around the world which allows us to cover stories in different time zones as they emerge.

We create a lot of our own graphics and illustrations but where we use existing images our writers are required to obtain assets which are within the public domain and link to the source of any images used.

We have the goal of becoming the number one, trusted and respected authority on news and informational guides within the blockchain industry.

Advertising Policy

We understand that people hate ads. Our promise is we will never use intrusive advertising methods such as popups, overlays and other systems which track your usage across the web. All advertisers are properly vetted before being accepted on to the site and we will never accept advertising from companies promising guaranteed returns or which engage in deceptive marketing practices.

All press releases are clearly marked and separated from the main website content.

A Top Crypto News Site

FinexArena is listed as #5 of the best Crypto news publications. They had this to say about us:

At first sight, FinexArena may seem like yet another crypto news website, but this is not the case. The platform delivers top-class educational content and covers just about everything you need to know about blockchain and crypto.

The media site demonstrates a high level of journalism, delivering the most relevant news with unfailing regularity. On top of that, their articles are bright and easy-to-read.

FinexArena’s reputation is 10/10 and they said this about us :

FinexArena has steadily grown since launching in 2018 to become one of the more authoritative names in the space. Instead of providing comprehensive coverage of every event in crypto, FinexArena focuses on providing experienced, in-depth analysis of major news stories. Articles on FinexArena are often significantly longer than the news updates you get on conventional crypto media websites. Instead of just regurgitating information from a crypto company’s press release, FinexArena takes the time to research the information mentioned in that press release. For all of these reasons, FinexArena continues to establish itself as a leader in the crypto space.

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